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3MP Book Club

3MP Book Club

New book offers each month. 

The 3MP Book Club’s feature books for April are Green Cleaning and Breaking Ranks.

‘Green Cleaning’ by Alisa and Cynthia Mayne is your go-to guide for making your own 100% environmentally friendly, non toxic cleaning products from common household ingredients!
It’s packed with chemical-free tips, tricks and recipes to clean everything from the bathroom tiles to red wine stains on carpet, and even clearing blocked drains.
Learn how to harness the natural cleaning power of things like lemons, baking soda, and vinegar to cut through grease and grime with minimal effort and cost.

Breaking Ranks is an Amazing True Story of a Cop on the Line. Joe Noonan’s 10 years in the Victoria Police culminated in being seconded onto the Investigation Team for the double slaying of two young policemen in Walsh Street South Yarra.

Click HERE to purchase the monthly feature books.

The 3MP Book Club has new book offers each month.

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