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Jon and Julie

Jon and Julie

Jon and Julie’s Easy Breakfast 

Weekdays from 5:30am.

Jon and Julie, getting you through this lockdown with great company to start your day, and all of your Easy Favourites.

Get away from it all and relax with the Easy Breakfast.

Play the Quiz

Each weekday, Jon & Julie give you the chance to win $1000.

Just before 8am, get ready to phone 1300 22 1377.

If you can correctly answer 10 questions in 60 seconds you win $1,000!

If you don't get all ten correct, we'll give you $10 for each question you do get right.

The Quiz T&Cs

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Jon Vertigan is the son of John Vertigan, who for many years was a Melbourne radio personality on 3UZ. John has retired, with son Jon following in his radio footsteps.

Jon has spent nearly 30 years on-air working throughout Regional Victoria, Melbourne & Sydney. Now he teams up with his great friend and co-host Julie Strini for the Breakfast Show at Easy Music 3MP. Outside of radio he enjoys eating, drinking, running, watching the Essendon Bombers, doing fake race calls, and spending time with his wife and two teenage children.

Julie Strini started in radio more than 20 years ago. Her first job was co-hosting the 3TR Breakfast Show with Jon and now is delighted to be back with her old sparring partner at Easy Music 3MP. Outside of radio Julie dabbles in acting and producing.