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Emma Clark

Emma Clark

Emma Clark

Emma Clark started in radio just on 18 years ago and had a love of radio in her early teens - using a masthead antenna to listen to cap city Melbourne stations like 3TT from the small Western Vic town of Hamilton where she grew up.

Emma started her radio career with ACE Radio at 981 3HA in Hamilton after doing the Gary Mac radio school many years ago.

Emma has moved around several of ACE Radios sites across Victoria and Southern New South Wales and now has a menagerie of pets on ten acres with Truckie husband Adam and two kids.

An introvert - Emma loves nothing more than to stay home and bake or spend time with the kids, Grundy the Border collie (its the husband thats the pies supporter, Emma goes for the Eagles - yes 2018 was an interesting year in the Clark household), Kevin the cat, Chooks, doves, guinea pigs, pet sheep and two alpacas.