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Relish with Kate Stevenson

Relish with Kate Stevenson

Celebrating Food and Wine

Relish aims to explore all the things we ... relish! It's about the joy of great food, good wine, and adventurous travel.

Each Saturday morning at 8, Kate Stevenson sets out to explore the people and places that make this city and this state one of the greatest culinary and cultural destinations, with a little inspiration from further afield thrown in too.

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About Kate

Kate has lived and breathed radio since returning from a three-year travel stint over 15 years ago, and she's since been able to combine that passion with a love of food, wine, and travel - reviewing restaurants and hosting radio and TV programs in Melbourne over the last decade. She's as happy eating Vegemite on fresh white bread as she is devouring a multi-course degustation, and so far in her travels, there's no menu item she's refused to try. Home in Melbourne's western suburbs, she's enjoying a proliferation of pubs, and taking foster greyhounds for walks along the beach.